SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launches First National Security Space Mission

On November 1, 2022, SpaceX launched a mission on its Falcon Heavy rocket, carrying U.S. Space Force USSF-44 mission to geostationary orbit. The first national security space flight, this is the Falcon Heavy’s fourth flight since 2018 and its first in over 3 years. The rocket hosted six payloads, one of them being the Long Duration Propulsive EELV Secondary Payload Adapter. The LDPE-2 is viewed by the USSF as an important capability to get payloads to GEO relatively quickly.

With the recent events happening around the world, it is satisfactory to know that our national security presence in space is increasing. According to the Space Systems Command, this mission proved to be a success. Furthermore, SpaceX has announced that it will refurbish the boosters used in this mission, for future national security space missions.