$1.2 Million Contract Awarded to Cognitive Space For Satellite Tasking Software

The U.S. Air Force has awarded a $1.2 million contract to Cognitive Space, a startup based in Houston, Texas, to continue development of the company’s satellite tasking software for the Air Force Research Laboratory. Known as a Small Business Innovation Research agreement, the Air Force will use the company’s Cognitive Interference Tasking (CNTIENT) software tool to prototype a hybrid architecture of government and commercial remote-sensing capabilities. Additionally, it will use its machine learning based software to help automate control and command of the Air Force’s satellites. Furthermore, Cognitive Space has also announced a new contract from the Space Development Agency to develop intelligent space mesh network routing algorithms and study hardware solutions in LEO communications.

In terms of space systems cybersecurity, this is a great step for private space companies to start the process of adhering to certain cybersecurity standards when dealing with U.S. military assets. Furthermore, it enhances the idea that companies involved in the space industry have some level of military protection, which will hopefully deter threats from our adversaries.

Link: https://spacenews.com/cognitive-space-gets-1-2-million-u-s-air-force-contract-extension-for-satellite-tasking-software/