Space Force funds experiment on use of AI to predict satellite failures

RS21 is a data science startup company, which mainly focuses on developing artificial intelligence tools for autonomous space operations. It won a contract with the U.S. Space Force, which is concentrated on using artificial intelligence to predict any satellite failures in orbits. This new technology will be tested in an upcoming Space Test Program (STP) experiment, which is planned to launch in 2023 to the low Earth orbit. Also, RS21 is currently developing new software technologies that will be used to train the Al models in preparation for later STP experiment. 

AI-driven monitoring systems, which depends on real-time satellite data and unusual messages to perform malfunction detections to predict satellite failures. As the director of R&D mentioned, they are optimistic that this technology will bring huge benefits to both government and business. In fact, it’s the case, but I think that they could not ignore the drawbacks of AI models. Once there is a problem, artificial intelligence cannot make a series of stress reactions like humans, in addition, it cannot perfectly duplicate human thinking and cannot deal with problems flexibly like humans. Therefore, there are certain limitations because artificial intelligence is composed of computer programming. In other words, artificial intelligence technology has not yet been able to completely replace human beings, and this technology needs more time to improve and ameliorate. 

Back to this article, in my opinion, I think RS21 should make a deep consideration before using AI models and be well prepared to encounter any problems that may happen in the future.