Needed collaboration between federal agencies and cybersecurity experts.

The discussion presented in the article goes over which federal agency should have responsibility of providing supervision and control over the activities in space as mandated by the Outer Space Treaty (OST). Whether the supervision comes from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or the Department of Commerce, specifically the Office of Space Commerce (OSC). The FAA regulates space launch and re-entry operations, which to some makes them a great candidate to expand their responsibilities, however to others they do not have enough experience with handling anything outside transportation through the Earth’s atmosphere. On the other hand, many believe that the Department of Commerce would be a great candidate to supervise and authorize commercial activities in space. The Department of Commerce can offer more adequate funding for space programs and different agencies to carry out different responsibilities.

In the conclusion of the article, the author believes assigning the FAA with the responsibility will create a potential hinderance to the development of the space sector. Instead, the Department of Commerce would be the better choice to oversee non-transportation activities in space, which in turn will ensure American competitiveness in the commercial space domain.

The article raises important questions regarding regulatory oversight of commercial activities in space. I believe it is crucial to highlight the need for robust cybersecurity measures within the evolving space industry. Given the impact of cyber threats on space activities, any agency in charge should prioritize cybersecurity., which includes establishing regulations, guidelines, and standards that address cyber requirements specifical to space missions. Collaboration between industry stakeholders, federal agencies, and cybersecurity experts should be prioritized to develop best practices and promote a reliable communication network that will foster a resilient and secure environment.

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