Startup Danti unveils search engine for geospatial data

Danti is a relatively new start up focused on utilizing AI to provide quick on demand intelligence assessments of Geospatial data in support of their backers in both the US intelligence community and their undisclosed commercial partners.

Users of the New application under development by Danti will be able to query data collected by various open source outlets by simply describing what they are looking for and letting AI do the rest. With the heavy interest from the Us Intelligence community with backers such as the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, an applications such as this poses a few potentially interesting challenges from a cyber security perspective.

Most interestingly this application calls into view the idea of trusted autonomy. With AI doing the filtering of data, users must have trust that the AI will be able to accurately and adequately accomplish its job, providing users with the data necessary to form critical intelligence briefs. With data coming from open source providers one begins to wonder how trusted a system like this can be. Will the AI be able to recognize when it is being fed fake data or altered images?

As we embark into a new age filled with applications utilizing AI for critical tasks, we must proceed with optimistic caution to ensure that these new technologies are capable of truly providing trusted autonomy and accomplishing the missions they were designed for.