Saber Astronautics Receives Space Force Contract for “Space Cockpit” Software

The US Space Force awarded Saber Astronautics $1.2 million to add cis-lunar data visualization software to their spacecraft data monitoring and display software package. The company’s CEO Jason Held says “anyone with a Space Cockpit license and a data feed will be able to use the cislunar tool.” There are currently about 2,000 users of the software package. As lunar missions become more attractive for both commercial and military organizations, the need to map the environment and track threats increases.

The tool seems to focus primarily on physical, kinetic threats such as space debris and collision and avoidance. However, it would be interesting to see if a module could be added that would also monitor and display cyber threats. According to their website, Space Cockpit is a “3D space domain awareness tool, specifically designed for the warfighter at the tactical edge.” However, the tool can’t provide true space domain awareness if one of the biggest threats in space – cyber threats – are not also monitored and tracked.

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