ViaSat-3 failure investigation to conclude next week

On May 1st 2023, ViaSat launched its first of three ViaSat-3 satellites intended to provide faster global communications. Unfortunately only a couple months later during the orbit raising phase they admitted there was a problem. The satellites antenna reflector which would give it its ability to provide a high data throughput, was unable to fully deploy. ViaSat was also unable to determine why this anomaly happened and were working with the unnamed antenna manufacturer to determine the cause. Eight months after the launch, ViaSat is set to announce the conclusion of their investigation. The ViaSat-3 family of satellites is a system that uses software defined on the ground. This would allow the satellites to dynamically allocate bandwidth and control of the antenna. This more software defined control of the antenna could create a larger surface area of attack and provide more control should it be compromised. Given recent events regarding ViaSat satellites over Ukraine one may wonder if the source of this anomaly is more nefarious. If so then will ViaSat admit it or remain purposely vague in their conclusions to avoid further drops in their stock prices.